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rbx4, pCC and 225kV
03-23-2011, 09:44 PM
Some news in brief:

- PrivateCloud (pCC): the offer is formally launched in gamma version. That is, everything is stable except billing. We are therefore validating and explains the billing service with cost estimates, specifications, controls, server hours etc.. During this gamma, the service is paid unless all services are offered one hour upto the end of the month. Otherwise the service is technically stable is very pleasant and we are quite happy with the result. We continue to improve and complete the site (there is already some content to read ...). The 1st orders of pCC you did last Friday are now being delivered.

- VPS: the service is stable. we're delivering. It only remains to complete the site and bring in the subsidiaries. One bump in the HA and the HP and also IPv6 (see roadmap). There is nothing special to say except that service may be based on precisely the same quality as the ... pCC

- Exchange for business: stable and we're delivering. It's fairly new at OVH. SaaS way. And we think that we weren't proposing it high enoughto be credible.
I think it will be fixed with the reseller and shared hosting versions which are eagerly awaited.

- With all these new services we must not forget the sustained delivery of dedicated servers that are progressing at a rapid pace since the beginning of the year. This is going well but in the RBX3 datacentre there remains room for only 3 to 4 weeks. Next, RBX3 will be full. Our 4th datacentre will probably exceed 100,000 servers at that time but before announcing it, we'll ... count and confirm everything with a bailiff. This will avoid discussions and disputes.

- So for 2 weeks, we will be working at 200% to finish the new RBX4 datacentre . The famous cube. It will be very difficult to be on time because we're moving along on a second room for the pCC ... short, we must decide tomorrow what will most likely be delayed ...

- In the Cloud family, we will add only publiCloud, a simple dedicated server rented by the hour for ad hoc needs and without
installation costs. It has a mC interface and there will also be an infrastructure planned for this service that will therefore move it into a final version called "Public Cloud".

- All other projects under the name "cloud" are blocked for at least 6 months. The idea is to allow you to digest all the Cloud already proposed to you right now. Then complete the range, if necessary, by the end of 2011. Nothing before in addition to what is being proposed now. We have:
- PubliCloud (mC)
- PrivateCloud (LFL)
And the rest, for now, we forget.

- We started the discussions with the RTE (Network and Electricity Transport) to interconnect directly with them and with a very high voltage (225kV and 90kV) instead with an EDF high voltage (20kV). The opposite of talking with EDF, which usually last two years between the first appointment and getting the 20kV power post, you know that with RTE you share it on a 3 year cycle ... Why then OVH is interested to discuss with RTE? To buy the cheapest electricity and have a lot of electrical power per address. With EDF it is limited to one per address 10MVA with EDF and we know that the price will increase in years to come ... Although investments in high voltage are extremely expensive, given the amount of energy Ovh buy, we will soon win the third year from ... 2017/2018 if everything goes well. Yes it's pretty weird to talk in years and ... seconds for deliveries on Cloud Computing