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To help you innovate
02-25-2011, 06:38 PM

With the first OVH Mag it was clear to see that we had things to tell that might interest you. The frequency of OVH Mag will be once a year.

It was also noted that the innovations we are developing and that we will offer are ... very innovative and challenge (a lot) the acknowledgments you may have regarding the technology you use. It's perfect! Let's move! Except that all this innovation requires that you to make some R & D and also to understand and master the new technologies which are emerging. It is the bare minimum before it can be offered to your customers securely. And, if you do not do so, your competitor will be able to offer a better and cheaper service.

R & D is a big investment that takes time and is necessary to do every day. We have nearly 100 people who do it every day. That's where the idea is born to adapt/add gradually the OVH website to an information website is for "people who live from the Net." Our goal is not to comment on the news but enrich the news so that you can read on the net about the technologies and expertise that OVH has internally. So, you can propose "ready to think" strategies which are innovative and that you can explore with a technology that we can offer you. The idea is to help you save time.

The content of the articles for the 4 publics that you are:
- Decision Maker / Financier
- Sysadmin / developer
- End user / end user
- Expert / geek / Fan

in order to shed some light on a technology and how it can be used to make you smarter than your competitor or to offer a more competitive service. In short, be innovative.

It's a pretty ambitious unertaking and I do not know if we will succeed but it's certainly one worth trying. We want to quickly get to the stage of ten articles a week on all subjects regarding carious OVH offers that you would like to talk about on the mailing lists and forums and highlight your issues and how to fix them. Or how this can be virtualised in 2011 to offer cheap VPS which are better
than competitors. etc etc.. Concrete problems and texts in the form of an interview, an explanation, a guide or a success story. In short, something that speaks for our lives and ... of our nights and our/your business.

Here is an example of what it could be about private Cloud for decision makers

Articles available in RSS, on on Momi / MoM and Manager, free of course.

What do you think?