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Roadmap 26th Feb
02-25-2011, 06:10 PM

1 year ago, OVH sent a kind of roadmap once a week with "What we have prodded and what we will prod.." The idea was to understand what it would be like to give you information on the evolution of our services and above all to have a nice base for discussing the rants and feedback to help us better target development.

Since then, several people joined us and we have created an "Interteam". A team that centralises all information on services, responsible for marketing, managing feedback and continued growth in demand across dev / sysadmin teams to make your ideas become reality.

The role of this team is to create the roadmap for all development so you know where we're trying to go when we offer you one feature or another.

Here is the 1st official OVH roadmap:

Not everything is here. It takes time to compile all the information internally and make them public with a date that means something.

The roadmap has increased to 4 weeks and will be updated weekly.

All the best,