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VPS: The beta site
02-01-2011, 05:28 PM
We just launched registration for the beta last week. Without the site. A little less than 1000 VPS will be delivered tomorrow. But this is not enough. We need about 3000 VPS to really validate the pCC infrastructure that we have planned for the VPS.

That is why we released the site with details of the offer which will be released when the VPS is validated and stable.

So you can quickly see that the VPS in OVH starts at €5 ex VAT p/m with Free Set-up

0.5GHz / 256RAM / 10GB / 100Mbps

scalable up-to

16GHz / 24GB of RAM

The big advantages of VPS:
- No data loss
- No hardware worries
- Managed Infrastructure
- On Demand power and space
- Very high availability
- A default Firewall
- Linux or Windows with the root
- Price


In detail:

You can change the power of your VPS any-time in 2 ways:
- Burst - a few hours or a few days
- Base - all the time

The change is taken into account immediately:
- with 99.9% SLA your VPS takes into account new parameters in cold: you have to restart the VPS and then there is a break of about 30 seconds
- with 99.99% SLA your VPS takes into account new parameters in hot, no break in service. Also your VPS switches from a hot host to another host by using all the required power. And so if you need to jump to 16GHz, the system gives it to you and switches you to the right host so you can use all the power.

To avoid problems of spam and general abuse, you can not send emails from the vps.
The SMTP port is blocked. To unblock port 2 solution: - pay the release of the SMTP port which costs €29 ex vat (once off). This cost is to avoid spammers changing VPS every month with a new IP and continue spamming.

- The release is available for an annual payment

VPS have firewall protections against attacks enabled by default which can not be removed. Protections against Synfloods, blocking the UDP layer (except the DNS) and limitations to the ICMP. As it is a global infrastructure for all customers, we can't just attack the VPS as this would mean a failure for all customers.

- By default you have an SLA of 99.9%
- You can take the 99.99% option which costs €30 p/m. In case of a problem on the host that hosts your VPS, the system detects the failure and restarts your VPS in less than 30 seconds on another host. You can time this.

- By default your VPS has4 cores
- You can take the 8 core option . In this case, the overall power of the VPS is simply doubled. This option costs €70 p/m and it includes the 99.99% SLA and takes into account Hot CPU / Ram changes.

- By default, the disk is 10G,
- You can take the VPS with 50GB or 100GB. Once you've ordered your VPS, you can not change its size. However, OVH propose secondary disks of up to 2TB on your VPS that are available to order and be placed on your VPS.


- You have a choice between Linux or Windows. Windows license costs €5 p/m for small VPS and €15 per month for the very powerful VPS .

If all this makes you want to beta test the VPS at OVH, click here:
The beta is free for customers who already have a service at OVH. 1 VPS / customer.

FYI: VPS is based on the OVH privateCloud. With the pCC, you can also launch your VPS offer , like us, in 3 weeks ...

If you have any questions ...