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Official Private Exchange beta
01-28-2011, 07:04 PM

For approximately 10 days, we had a "small" beta of Private Exchange for companies. One hundred private infrastructures were running as we wanted to tune the offer very quickly.

For this, we need to enlarge the beta and "Load" the infrastructure. We used "privateCloud" to provide the Exchange and we had trouble overloading the pCC ... So we are looking for ... I don't know ... probably 1000 beta testers for the Private Exchange. On each Private Exchange we can host at least 1000 email accounts with Mobile synchronisation etc. ...

It's free.

If you are interested, subscribe to the mailing list: via
You can order you Private Exchange infrastructure via:

Deliveries will be on Monday and Tuesday. We wish to concentrate all deliveries and also "Load" the infrastructure with the deliveries.

To know more:

Thanks for your help!