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The pCC and licences
01-20-2011, 08:58 AM
We've already talked a little about the different software licenses on the pCC. We gave you some information about it and then we took into account your feedback, that we validated it legally.

At the level of VMware and ESXi, the VM licenses must be taken at OVH. They are rented monthly without commitment. We'll calculate the max number of licenses you had in a month (the most) and we'll invoice you at the end of the month.

If you already have the licenses of VMware, they can not be "re-used" in our infrastructure. In other words, you cannot use your vSphere to connect with our hosts. You must use our vSphere which is "customised" for the pCC and respects the security of the service.

Regarding all OS and software licenses that you put on the VM, you have freedom of choice. We're talking about Linux, RedHat, Windows, Oracle, SQL Server or Exchange.

Your choices are many:
-you have the licenses and you make sure you can use them in an environment like the pCC
-if you do not:
-you can sign up with companies that supply them and register them yourself,
-if OVH offers a license that you are interested in, we can rent it to you and register it in the name of OVH

Regarding the concept of vCloud with the vDC (virtual datacentre), that is, you have an internal vSphere and you're looking for a vDC to deploy your projects, the FT (fault tolerance), the iSCSIv3, or pCCd (pCC with a dedicated network - the "d" of pCCd) features will arrive with the release of the pCC in late February. We will provide you with the six-month roadmap for the pCC before the release of the pCC, which is scheduled for late next week (give or take a few days).