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HPC, 3D, Hadoop, MapReduce
01-14-2011, 02:44 PM

6 months ago, we launched applications for 3D calculations in alphas. Following the feedback we have tried to establish a computing infrastructure for the needs there. It has been done but we haven't been able to buy anymore professional licenses for this. So, we haven't tried it for a long-time ...

We've tried to resume the 3D infrastructures computing project by adding the HPC with Hadoop and MapReduce. This distributes computing infrastructure for enterprises that need overlaps of information, for example, advertising and knowing a cookie profile throughout different sites .. But there are also needs in scientific computing and R & D in structure resistance, or deformations or ruptures.

For these needs, we will resume our infrastructure that we have built for 3D, and add the NVidia and InfiniBand and see how we can adapt this infrastructure to the needs of people who need to do alot of calculating.

If you are concerned with the subject and you want to participate in the alpha, please subscribe to the mailing list

We have just over 100 servers with 24 10Gbps cores with lots of RAM and we want to increase the power to 1000 servers, knowing that 10,000 servers in such a cluster isn't really a problem.

And for now it's free.