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HG: Migration finished
01-10-2011, 04:10 PM

It's done We have completed the migration for the entire HG 2010 infrastructure on the new network hardware.

Now we're in the same network configuration as the pCC (privateCloud) ie.: "lostless" with two connections attached to each server. As in each server is connected by 10Gbps "fault tolerance". This means that even if half of the network is down, there is no cut through out and the 10Gbps is always guaranteed (after we will need to buy the bandwidth, and it will need to be 10Gbps). Until there is guaranteed 3Gbps per server.

In short, the network is designed and allows for storage on the network via the iSCSI / NFS / CIFS / FCoE no data loss and therefore no data corruption. With a large stability flow even with thousands of packets per second. Finally, the network has 100% guaranteed availability. HG 2010 is our first "100% guaranteed" offer.

The routing capacity is 80Gbps for all servers and HG is being upgrade to 160Gbps.

The network map:

The result?
We will increase the capacity of the internal network to run at up to 30% on the links. We're gonna switch all HG 2006-2009 to this same infrastructure to get all these benefits to older customers. This will take some time.