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Contract updates

01-10-2011, 11:18 AM

As you may have noticed, we updated our contracts on the 29th December 2010. The amended contracts are:

General Terms and conditions with the introduction of a new incident support, with diagnostics and troubleshooting (articles 6.0 - 6.5).

The incident support now has two missions:

- If you have a problem with your service and you do not know where to look or what to look for, you can create an incident ticket to request a diagnostic of your problem. This diagnostic will be charged at €20 ex VAT. If during the diagnostic OVH has solved the problem, you only have to pay EUR20 ex VAT. If the problem is not fixed, OVH provides you with a diagnostic quote to solve the problem. If you like it, you can accept it and OVH does the job. OVH can also provide an estimate only and in this case you do not have to pay for the diagnostic. If we figure out that we do not have the internal skills to do the job, and you will of course not be charged for the diagnostic.

- If you have a problem with the service and you think that it's OVH's fault, you can create an incident in the same way as that of the charged diagnostic. OVH performs the diagnostic and if the problem is really on the OVH side, all is covered by the service guarantee. Otherwise, we revert to the diagnostic principle and charge €20 ex VAT.


Once the work is done, you have 30 days to pay the diagnostic invoice or estimate. If you do not agree with the diagnostic or with the work done and / or the proposed fix or diagnostic or estimate, in this case, you pay nothing and too bad for OVH. But then the contract changes: OVH does not provide support any more for this customer in the future. No commercial. Nor technical. Or incident. The customer has the right to use and renew services but they won't be able to use support or claim the SLA.

Special conditions for shared hosting:
OVH is now offering unlimited traffic on all shared hosting offers and therefore to prevent abuse, we have updated the contract to prohibit a hosting platform for files on the shared machine: Article 6.5 of Special conditions for website hosting services on a shared server.

Furthermore, we have also implemented a new system to alert our customers when the contract terms have been updated. All our customers are notified of the establishment of a new contract and its implementation within 30 days. A message appears when you log in to your Manager of the the contracts in question. You can accept them then or wait for these new contracts to come into force once the 30 days has expired.

Please be aware that any new subsequent orders are now subject to the new contract. For your information, you will find the new contract when you first login to your manager.

The new system aims to correct the problems encountered by some customers who could no longer access their manager after a contract was updated.Furthermore, we wanted to provide our customers with greater visibility of changes to our contracts.

All the best