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Happy New Year 2011
12-31-2010, 10:30 PM
Good evening,
It's the 12th time I have the pleasure of wishing you,
on behalf of the OVH DreamTeam, a new and happy
2011. From a professional stand point with the activity, new ideas
and perseverance in making it happen and personally with the simply joy of everyday life.

The year 2010 was for us a year when we started
to understand why OVH exists and is growing everywhere
in Europe with success. Until then it was not very
clear. This allowed us to ask a lot of (good)
questions. And thus make new challenges
especially in the internal organisation and how
OVH must digest its growth. Our staff has grown 50%
and we will grow again in 2011. The issue is becoming one of size:
keep the molten magma not to lose our ADN,
but with twice, 3 times or 10 times
more employees across Europe. This challenge has
become ours.

Questioning is also fueled by discussions
we have with you on the mailing list and forums
and internally. And we hope that you will continue
complaining as usual, because it is a source of inspiration for
new needs. If you grumble, it means that we can do
things better and we must do it.

In 2010, OVH has continued to invest in its "factories" and
R&D to remain relevant as a supplier of
technology. But it only in 2011, that these investments
will start to become visible to you. We're talking, of course,
about the following 4 Cloud services but also OVH
Software, xDSL, Global Solutions and Business
Services. In 2011 we should also finalize the opening of
the subsidiaries in the U.S...

But again, we're still looking for more ideas ...

Once again, Happy 2011 and hoping that this adventure will go on and on ...