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2x1500GB Systems Can't do 2+TB Parts

12-28-2010, 08:28 PM

So, we were going around in circles with this and I wanted to see if any of you have any clue/insight as to why this is so f*ing difficult to achieve with OVH.

I have a few of the new 10R boxes that have 2x1500GB drives with (PAID FOR) hardware raid. All that we want is to use Centos/Fedora with a partition greater than 2TB.... We can create the Raid 0 2999GB array in the lsi utility, but every single method of trying to install OS with a partition greater than 2TB fails - UNLESS, we use Software Raid over hardware raid (which is insane).

I've received OVH responses like:

This is not an OVH-specific issue:

------------ (which isn't related in the slightest)

(And another)

Hi Jon,

This posting on our UK forum may be of help:


----------- (again ignoring the fact that the hard raid array is already set correctly in raid0, it's the os provided)

(I also got this gem)


If the OS provided does not allow it, you are free to use any alternative you wish. Also, we do not support or recommend the use of RAID 0.

----------- (never mind the fact raid 0 is clearly listed as supported on the details for purchase)

Even my support thread/question regarding this was closed without a reply after having to "Notify Administrator"

Aside from OVH's complete love of misleading (nearly to the point of questioning legality, but thats another issue)... does anyone have any idea how to overcome the ID10Tic limitations OVH provides in the OS's with regards to not supporting GPT or 2TB+ partitions unless in Software Raid?