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PCC beta call
12-15-2010, 03:16 PM

Tomorrow we will launch the privateCloud (PCC) "beta" version, a high availability consolidation solution to run Linux and Windows. The idea of the offer is simple: Replace your 5, 10 or 35 dedicated servers with 4 or 10 hosts (servers) where you can switch to 5, 10 or 35 VMs instead. Then depending on the needs of each VM you can adjust resources to each VM in real time.

Because the VM's do not need the same resources all at the same time, it is possible to consolidate multiple VMs on some hosts. So instead of taking a dedicated server to develop a project, simply run a VM without the need to pay anymore.... €0!

The infrastructure is totally private to each client. This means that each host belongs to 1 client, and it has 100% of the resources for each host. Each client has their own IP an isolated private internal network that can be rendered public or not. Infrastructure which can guarantee the bandwidth of each
physical link to each host the maximum capacity of the network adapter, which is 1Gbps or 10Gbps. The total capacity is 40Gbps by each client (100Gbps in the final version). That is the overall infrastructure running several Tbps ...

It also includes high availability and fault tolerance for all elements for each Cloud customer. This means that all hosts have 2 power supplies connected to 2 different and independent electrical networks. Each host has two physical networks (1G or 10G) and thus it is connected by default to 2 switches that are
attached to 2 large communication frames and routed through two routers. The network is "lossless", and thus can handle thousands of packets per
second of bandwidth to SAN and NAS storage.

For software, we chose the vSphere VMWare that provides many options and features not found elsewhere. Management is done via the vSphere interface
which some of our customers may already know. Because of the many options and features which have developed and added to the vSphere interface
directly by OVH. so now it is very much an OVH-vSphere distribution. Resources are available to your Cloud with 1 click and in 1 to 2 minutes. You have 1 host of 7 in which you run VM, you start under VM release 1 ovh in seconds. 1 hour later, 1 click to get a new host and now you have 2 hosts. Automatically
VSphere switches the VM on two hosts to use the resources of your entire cloud. The data is stored on SAN / NAS high availability. You store data from your VM on your 8 SIN HA and using all NAS I / O?

Click, on your 2nd NAS that is there in your cloud.
Click and you switch the data from your 8th
VM 1 NAS to the second. Still no
break in service. This is one example ...

But it's nice eh?

Want to try?

Up for the challenge?

We need about 50 beta testers.
We need 2 types of betas:

- If you are familiar with virtualization under Proxmox and/or xen then you should be interested! send an email To: want-to-be- Subject: beta-test-start and give a short description of what
you want to do today, what apps? what and how many
servers? how many VMs? SAN/NAS?

- If yo've done virtualization other times under ESXi / vSphere, then you're Interested! send an email
Subject: beta-testing expert
and give a short description of what you do today, what apps, what and how many servers?
how many VMs? What kind of NAS or SAN you use?

If you just want to see, wait a fe/tens days. OVH will offer free pCC tests in January. You'll have plenty of time to see what it is and how it works. We have the site totally organised, that more personal and that also has a lot of information. Here we seek to debug everything that has been developed.

Thank you in advance! and now the serious stuff begins!

Oh yeah!