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we will begin to conclude
12-12-2010, 11:16 AM
This week we will begin to move a
few beta projects:

towards the end of the week
we will be looking for two types of beta testers:
-Beginner, i.e. those absolutely not familiar
with VMWare vSphere but know
already Proxmox or Xen virtualization.
-Expert, i.e. those who know very
well vSphere and use it everyday.
The final version based on an infrastructure of
more than 4000 hosts will be ready in early January.
We are completing the construction of rooms, servers
the setup of the network and the interconnection
all with the vSphere. click a SAN, click a host.

-Project "08" will go into beta which will last about
3 months. Everything works smoothly. It remains to
validate the process and how the billing will operate,
it can take up to 3 months, baahhh we must take this time to
see how it goes, problems etc ...

- "SDSL", the command is being completed and will
be PRODDED within 2-3 days. We will start
customers installations by the end of the week
with making appointments, technicians travelling to
homes, and configuration audits.
The basic package: 5Mbps symmetrical, 1ms, to 25Euro/month
Technically we could validate this week the offer
80Mbps (4x20Mbps) to 400Euro/month, full redundancy,
100% uptime guarantee, 1ms latency.

- "ClusterCloud"
one wishes to have feedback on the usability of
3-4 different interfaces on manager v5. Given
that it must be "simple" a service that is very
complex technically, the largest value
added to the service is precisely the
simplicity of the interface and ... the emotion.

Less certain but possible, depending on the alignment
the sun with the moon:

- "VPS" and "VPS dynamic" is being finished
but I have not the exact date. Missing
servers for the start of the offer and interconnection
with the manager v5. The commercial offer
is technically validated. There is "more than".

- "Exchange 2010" works, but using this draft
alphas for the tests of "privateCloud". So
soon, as the beta for privateCloud is on the way,
we will start the beta of Exchange. click. click.

-"Telephony reseller and domain name" with MoMi
and MoM, the alpha tests of iPhone Apps and Windows
Mac & Linux for the resellers are made internally.
we must finish the site too.

we received the second router ASR, and we will give
2-3 days to put it into production. We upgrade
the Network Roubaix/Amsterdam and Roubaix/Frankfurt at
same time. We will upgrade Amsterdam/Warsaw, but
will also change the way geographically. We received
2 containers of the test to Strasbourg. Next
week we get all subsidiaries for
week's meeting ... Briefly, it will be very busy but
we believe in it.