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The wikileaks case
12-03-2010, 01:24 PM

As you know, the wikileaks site is hosted on our infrastructure since early yesterday morning. This is a customer who has ordered a dedicated server, with RIPE blocks and protections against attacks. His bill paid by credit card is less than €150. And so it hosts the Wikileaks website. Legally speaking OVH is not the host of this site. OVH is just the provider of the technical solution that the customer has ordered

In short, the story is banal and everyday. The system is fully automatic and works 24/7. Just like everyone else, we discovered yesterday that this site is hosted with us... from the press.

OVH is neither for nor against this site. The question is off topic for us. OVH is a company that provides infrastructure, the famous cloud available in a few hours ... and our role is to ensure that technical service. That's it. We were not asked to host or not host this site. Now he's with us we provide the contract. It's our job. It is functional.

Given recent political statements, and pressures that are starting to feel, even here in Roubaix Valley, we have decided to go to court for a ruling on the legality of this site in French territory. It is not up to the political world or to OVH to request or decide to close or not a site, but to justice. This is the way it should work in a country of law.

We hope the judge will give his decision before tonight or tomorrow. And OVH will implement the decision immediately.

All the best,