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Whats new on November 30
11-30-2010, 10:16 AM

So, what's new? I mean, aside from the snow this and every morning
What else is new?

In Roubaix 2, we are introducing two new generators.
The crane is currently being set up, and in few short hours
The convoy will arrive with the equipment to unload:

We have completed the change of the battery circuit breakers also
in Roubaix 2 and Roubaix 1. The photo the is of the new
UPS breakers which manages (unfortunately) Room 26

and heres a look at the old circuit, which has yet brake

A forensic expert will be at the scene to demonstrate to the builder
the batteries that were defective and unusually warm while
discharging. Therefore, as expected, the relevant manufacturer must
recognise the problem (as has already happened on another set of
UPS batteries) and they will change all batteries located in
room 26.

We are doing some work on OVHs home, the team is growing and
will be optimised in-house instead

Transformers 20000V/400V for the privateCloud arrived
and are being put in place

and also, another transformer.

We also received a UPS for privateCloud

All electrical work is performed under the control of a
a laser device that checks all the angles 'right' angles!!!

One of the privateCloud rooms for the near future where we will be installing
6 meter high racks has a floor under construction to allow
for human intervention. In this room there will be 4000
Dedicated servers powered by HG type 1MVA power
circuits. Air cooling will be in the middle.

We will continue to make holes to pass air into
future facilities

while a little bit away yet, it will reinforce the holes already made.

All work is done under the supervision of
several consulting firms and validated by engineers
Building on the strength of the structure.

We plans to launch a private beta with customers
for privateCloud in two weeks, around Dec. 15 ...