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Ovh and Strasbourg
11-19-2010, 03:48 PM

As you know, in Strasbourg OVH will build datacentres
at the harbor, instead of Alcelor-Mital to
those who know the place.

We thought a lot about how to move forward on
the project and we are finalizing our reflections
and have evolved the model. This gives the type
of datacenter.

The idea is simple: OVH wish to have several (dozen)
places such as Strasbourg to place our Cloud Computing
facilities in Europe. Nobody knows
in advance the growth of each location. Therefore
the model of the container, tested at Roubaix in 2007
dropped into Roubaix 2 and 4, is taken to Strasbourg.
Thus, we can build the cloud per "Container" unit in
Roubaix and then send it to the place where customers
require the resources at that time.

Why produce servers in Roubaix?
For privateCloud, we need to build 4000
HG servers in 6 weeks. We have decided to create 20 new jobs
here in Roubaix. For this, we thought initially to move from Roubaix 2
but it turns out that our neighbour is selling a building of 2000 square metres
next door. We decided this week to buy
because this building is already "ready" to start cabling.
In 10 days we will be able to bring water
from the datacenter to heat the place and we can

How to move containers in Paris and Roubaix?
A container of "beta" servers will leave full from Roubaix
to Strasbourg at the end of January. It is believed to use
for this the barge canal to get from Roubaix
to the port of Strasbourg. So we work with
the VNF (Inland Waterways of France) and the municipalities of
Roubaix and Strasbourg to make this (simple) idea
become a reality. Once in Strasbourg, we will
connect the containers and see how many servers are
running. We will measure and observe the consequences
of such a mode of transport. Then we'll put the container
on a "special" truck to bring it back to Roubaix
and see how many servers are still running.
This simple test, which will take approximately one month, will
empirically determine what transport we
use for years to come.

We can imagine that OVH may settle in different
places in Europe, I dunno, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague,
Montpelier Warsaw or in ports to turn up and
unload containers filled with servers. Then, if necessary,
to take them back and deposite them elsewhere a few months or years
later. Cloud Computing.

For this, we devised a type of data center with installable
ports and scalable at will.

Imagine how functional it would be...
imagine how cool....

That's where we are. Not revolution, but evolution.