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2011 routing
11-16-2010, 10:52 PM
Good evening,
Some news on vrack on routing:

- If you remember well, the output of our datacentres, were initially going use the Cisco Nexus 7016. After production testing we found that it is not stable enough for us to do the routing. Very good for switching but not quite developed in terms of routing. So we wasted time on this, because our plans were thrown out. We then ordered speeds from other routers ... Cisco, Juniper and Brocade's. As we have said that we had very little time, the first router that we received was the Cisco ASR 9010. It was tested and it works (very) good. We decided not to take a break and went into production late last week. You can see the backbone of our weathermap: Asr-g1-a9 [Url] [/ url] Yes, we are grappling to understand ... The advantage of this router is that it is scheduled to deliver high service availability. It has a 320Gbps connection capacity and passed 150Gbps. It is not connected... Cool.

Without waiting, we ordered a second that we will arrive in late December. This will allow us to implement a second backbone parallel to the present. The 2nd routing backbone is already in place in Amsterdam ams-5-6k was set up in Frankfurt and we added the fra-1-6k. In London we were a little late for Global Switch has no longer has a rack ... We seeked a solution. But it will also end with a new router. These 3 routers will help us to double the capacity to 80Gbps and AMSIX DECIX to 80Gbps. We must look for LINX shortly. To connect all this in Roubaix, we are increasing the transport capacity between Roubaix and Amsterdam to 120Gbps and to Frankfurt 140Gbps . London will rise to 100Gbps. Then in February we will add 40 Gbps again. In short, redundancy and high availability.

All this is planned for late December / early January when we should be finished this part of the upgrades.

- Following issues from Vss Ovh 2009/2010, we decided to change the policy and customise the routers. Thus, we set up 8 new routers running ... (Rbx-s1/2/3/.../8) and 4 new to come. Thus, we will be able to better manage quality through a network infrastructure that we have used in Roubaix1: 2 routers are running with high availability.

- We are trying to upgrade the network of HG to a high availability network through 10G cable on the server. There are still three months left for the a job. This will allow us to pass the HG offer at officially to 100% availability. A real 100%, which will be provided through the latest technology which we had the joy of debugging throughout early 2010 and we have now implemented on shared hosting to connect 6000 servers This allowed us to announce the unlimited traffic on shared hosting ... So we know this equipment and can say it is the proposed 100% uptime. ... This is our 2011 target: 100% offers.

- In parallel, we launched a large investment in privateCloud. We constructed new rooms at Roubaix 2 where we will host in late December 4000 servers for this job and the end of February 8000 servers. We use these same routing and switching technologies that allow us to give 100% availability on PCC (private Cloud Computing) offers. The offer is in internal alpha testing. For the beta, we preferred to delay the commissioning of the PCC until mid December, the time to receive and mount these 4000 servers and then connect all these servers with to a minimum of 2 cables to full switch doubled HA configuration which are connected again at High availability on the aggregation switches and end on several routers that work in parallel configurations in active / active / active / active. In short, it made no sense to do a beta with 100 or 200 servers because the supply for us is interesting and we hope you get to know this without being stingy with "Free PCC for 5 days." So it requires "a few" servers. 4000 machines with 4.8, 16 or 48 cores with 16, 32, 64, 128GB of RAM + NAS-HA etc ... . which should do the trick ... because in the interface if you click "add new server" and delivery is > 1 minute it is not PCC ...

5 paragraphs ... I will stop there

All the best