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Storage offers
11-08-2010, 10:46 PM
Good evening,

We have beta tested two storage technologies:

- beta dC NFS
- storage-HA or NFS-HA

Thank you for your feedback and issues. We still have cosmetics to finish.

It is therefore time to move these two technologies into production, for dedicated servers. The Cloud Computing offers come included. We can indeed offer the same technical solution for all customers of dedicated servers and the "cloud" version of these two technologies in Cloud version

Before that, we will:

- Toggle the beta testers dC NFS to the final routing which is the same as the storage-HA. This will be done tomorrow during the day with a break of about 3 minutes on the service
- From Wednesday all beta testers can subscribe to the offer.
- Thursday all those who do not wish to continue using the service will be suspended
- Friday data will be erased
- At Storage-HA, we are already in production configuration and the announcement of the end of beta test has already been sent.

The offer, the service and the price
For dedicated server customers, OVH will offer 4 storage options:

- NAS of 100GB, shared, 99.9%, for €9.99 ex. VAT p/m
- FILER of 1TB, dedicated, 99.9%, for €49.99 ex. VAT p/m
- SAN-HA of 300GB, dedicated, 100.0%, for €199.99 ex. VAT p/m
- SYSTEM-HA of 3.6TB, private, 100.0%, for €1999.9 ex. VAT p/m

You have tested it on dC NFS, it is the 1TB FILER, and what you've tested HA, it is the SAN-HA

It includes the offers in the snapshot (in case of a human error, deleting a file, you can find a copy of it is 1 hour) and 2 backups: a room on another media (for an immediate start if a big disaster for loss of 2 drives in a RAID-1) and one remote backup in another datacenter and on another media (in case of a bomb in the datacentre).

All the best,