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A little info on the Cloud...
11-04-2010, 10:28 PM
Good evening,
OVH will be releasing, in November and December, 4 new services

Cloud Computing:

- The privateCloud
- VPS offers and VPS Dynamics
- The clusterCloud
- And coreCloud

Why 4? Because we want to offer
as many choices as possible.

We hope to launch the privateCloud beta
next week. This will be the key solution
for privateCloud "based on the technologies,
vSphere and VMWare. For this, we have used our know-how
of hosting, servers, storage and
the network and we have decided to propose
a "high availability" service. Ie
so far, we have "everything" reviewed in relation to what
is offered today for dedicated servers, this
will ensure an availability of 100%.

For privateCloud, we have decided to
put in place the largest sub Cloud in Europe. We
will be able to accommodate 50,000 virtual machines
by the end of the year and 100,000 virtual machines in
early March. For this we will construct, in addition
to RBX4 the new datacentre, 8 new rooms in
RBX2 with 35,000 spaces for HG servers. Each server can
accommodate an average of 100 virtual machines ... We
are indeed very confident because the privateCloud
will mean this offer is a perfect fit for our own
requirements for all developments and all projects
OVH takes just now. We can not wait to have
this tool in our hands functioning at 100% for you ...
Uses could include Exchange 2010, clusterCloud or phishing ...
whatever, once the project is done once and dev
it will be as simple as cut and paste in seconds
and as such will be a very simple and fast solution for customers.

if for us, that we have as many servers as we want, the private cloud is more interesting that a pure dedicated server, then it may be interesting also for all companies that have similar
constraints to OVH in relation to customers:
create projects quickly and reduce costs
of administrative infrastructure. How?
High availability, development of infrastructure
in seconds, with an automatic adaptation to
load, thus reducing the cost since the
system starts automatically with all resources
needed. The virtual machines scan the datacentres,
automatically and the service is always available.
This should be the dream of a sysadmin: less watching a screen and more
touching the keyboard or mouse ...

Other bids will emerge for Cloud during the current month
November and December. The objective is indeed to
bring out the 4 proposals before the end of the year. I will
try to make small decryption of what specificly
we propose in these 3 other offers but also
gradually reveal more. There is so much to say and everything is
so exciting that we must force them to limit
to 2-3 paragraphs per email ... in the OVH Mag # 2
the cons will be noted for you with all the technical details ...

In short, we will see only a very little outcome
for now, it's frustrating but we are confident.
OVH has been hiring for 6 months about 20-25 new
sysadmin / dev for all these projects and perhaps 10
more. We will not refuse to continue even
faster ...

I stop right here for now ...Thats 6 paragraphs ...