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Encryption services

10-10-2010, 12:46 PM

OVH offers SSL certificates and would like to propose as the wildcard and EV.
This service is simpiler and more affordable for customers. Basically, SSL is long, technical and complicated. So we are looking at other ways in which the service can be offered. Today (at OVH or elsewhere), you must provide certain documents (not for class1) and when you receive the certificates you must install them yourself on the server(s). This is done completely by you. So then alot of very technical questions come up.

We're considering a turnkey service where you don't configure the service. OVH does it directly from its encryption infrastructure that works for hardware. These housing SSL accelerators make high-speed encryption. We see two direct benefits: you have nothing to configure, Ovh takes care of everything and you gain very important service (encryption/decryption takes about 6 mins instead of 2 mins for an unencrypted query, latency comes primarily from client.)

The question arises: if OVH provides this service, where you have nothing to do, why would you be interested in having access to the "key" "Cert" and "chain" files of certificates or would that be unnecessary because "OVH manages all that and the rest is not my problem "?