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What's new in october

10-08-2010, 06:28 AM
What's happening in OVH?


- Racks with DSLAMs were installed in the 19 NRA in Lille, 15 have been validated in terms of electricity and 8 NRA "pinging" . Everything should work for the end of the month. We started the "alpha" testing to validate lab tests with ADSL and SDSL and all failover solutions.

- In parallel, we finished the interconnections with SFR and Orange so we can offer you a National "failover" solution .

- The idea is to offer a xDSL connection compatible with a telephony company that is available 100% of the time. And then connect through a minimum of 2 DSLAMs in parallel (through 2 operators or through our two DSLAMs and aggregate at the highest network level with different protocols). It's very technical but for the customer everything must remain simple to use, with GTR and above all affordable. Everything that exists on the market now is not affordable. We therefore hope to create real solutions for those who today are using 2, 3 or + BOX, routers etc..

- We have set the strategy for the "webagency" resellers and the "Resellers". In about 10 days we should be able to put into production these 2 services.

Shared Hosting
- We started the move to shared hosting with new load balancing solutions. The purpose is to introduce redundancy which will protect us better against attacks but also to switch to "unlimited traffic"

- In parallel, OVH propose the CDN shared hosting option in order to bring the infrastructure to the visitor with points of presence such as Madrid, Milan, Warsaw and New York.

- Within 10 days OVH should be able to offer the IPv6 option on shared hosting. You'll also be able to choose your IPv6 and the reverse IPv6 , while remaining on shared hosting. Basically, you'll have a dedicated IPv6 on hosting ...

- The static and dynamic VPS offers are arriving in 2-3 weeks. The goal is to offer you solutions to replace your RPS (for those who want to). With these 2 offers (this technology is already offered with Cloud Computing at the mC level) OVH are taking a chance in terms of the offer content and of course the price.

- Delivery AMD based servers will start in a few days. The servers respond perfectly to issues related to Cloud Computing. It is therefore probable that will only offer them in the "privateCloud". At our level, we use them for the "coreCloud".

-The stocking of RBX3 is progressing well and RBX4 scheduled to start. So, we should have a place for all our shipments of new servers for November and December. But it will be very close ...

- The NAS storage and Filer offer will be up and running in about 10 days. 100GB NAS at €9.99 to 1TB @ €49 per month.

- The coreCloud offer should start within 2 weeks. We are changing all network components for Cloud Computing and changing how to route services. Instead of pooling routers in the datacentre, we will dedicate them service by service, and then manage the quality of each service better. For example, all coreCloud will be"Fire-walled" to prevent attacks.

- The privateCloud offer will be vSphere orientated and follow the VMWare recommendation regarding hosts, storage and of course network. This means that each host (server) is connected via multiple network cards connected via several independent networks. The goal? OVH wants to contractually offer 100% availability ... (!). The offer is expected to start in three weeks also.

- OVH propose "storage" offers for coreCloud and privateCloud.

- The system tests of AX A10 load distributions are concluded. We're implementing the Cloud Computing solution and are starting production in 2 weeks.

- We are preparing for the IP Convergence show. The idea is to make this show "alternative". This means that no OVH person will be present at the show ... We will do "something else".

- We have set the "reseller" and "agent" strategy which will start in early November with a www.ovh.biz complete catalogue of telephones ... The inital customer feedback is encouraging.

- We started EcoFax in the UK and DE based on our own interconnection with British Telecom and Deutsche Telecom. The phone offers will start soon.

- We have many interconnection problems with Telefonica in Spain. After almost 2 years of "non"-discusstion with Telefonica, we brought the matter to the public telecommunications agency in Spain, the CMT (Equivalent to ARCEP in France) who voted 3 days ago. Telefonica is obliged to sign the interconnection contract with OVH and interconnect within 5 days. Otherwise, Telefonica is subject to a fine of €10'000 per delayed day. It is thought that finally things are going ahead and we will finish the BNC interconnection cables which pass through Telefonica's racks in Madrid that have been there for more than 1 year.

- We have the same problems with TPSA in Poland ... however the public telecommunication agency is no More ... its changing to somewhere else ...

- Work is progressing well with Belgacom.

- RBX-4 is progressing well and should be finished for the month of December. Some pictures:

- Work on the datacentre will start in Strasbourg within 2 months. Finally, we couldn't get Low voltage in place (400V) so we needed to up it to high voltage (20 000V). So all the hard work is done. So we decided to build the same type of datacentre as RBX-4. Work on the network will be completed within two months. Our network passes through 200m of the future datacentre and we must do a bit of GC in the Strasbourg port.

- We have used over 300Gbps of bandwidth out of the 700Gbps available.

- Our router in New York should "ping" today. This is the start of our backbone in the U.S., Asia (And maybe South America) ...

- After working on the VSS and implementing the BGP on the reflector routes, we found the network to be stable during construction. i.e.: in case a link is cut somewhere in Europe, it will take 1 to 2 seconds to find another route.

- The Cisco Nexus 7016 has never worked for us. It is a real disaster. We put a lot of hope in this chassis but today it is not stable enough for us and it lacks basic functionality for Cloud Computing. We will start testing the first ASR 9010 router that is already in RBX1.

- Based on these tests, we will be doubling number of routers currently in place in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt or replace existing routers with the ASR 9010. The goal is to increase the number of 10G port on these 3 POPs.

- Once we have the new 10G ports in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, we will double the transmission capacity between Roubaix and the world (except in Paris where we have enough capacity).

In short, this advance may not be fast enough but there is a great deal of work in progress ...