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Internal CDN alpha tests

10-03-2010, 10:10 AM
It's very technical

Could CDN be interesting for "my site"?

Consider a Japanese site hosted in Japan. For example http://www.ntt.com
You can visit it and see just what happens in terms of speed. Think back to pages you've already seen.

We will simulate the CDN site at Ovh. For this we need to lie and force the DNS redirection of www.ntt.com
to the CDN IP. This can be done with the file "hosts" directly through the ip site.

Under Linux
# echo " www.ntt.com ntt.com" >> /etc/hosts

Under Windows
and add
----- www.ntt.com ntt.com
Delete the cache and restart your browser (to cut the keep-alive connections).

You can now repeat the visit and see the difference. The visit is faster if there are many visitors to the site because the first query is slow and then the following are quick as cached.

What have we proven? That using cache near the visitor, (seriously) accelerates the view time of the site. In the case of ntt.com, load time is divided by 10 ... at least 10 ...

Read phonetically

PS. at the end of the test remove the list from "hosts"

if your site is in Europe and your vistor in Japan, it has the same effect. With the (future) CDN on each continent, the CDN is close to the visitor. The first visit is "normal / slow", and the following are fast, as if the site was hosted in the 4 corners of the world. We can see this acceleration for www.ntt.com with hosts ...

I think there is still two weeks to validate the infrastructure then we will move to the deployment in Europe, USA, Singapore, Japan and may be Brazil . It is believed that the service in Europe may start late and we should do the rest by the end of the year. It is a question of negotiating peering agreements in North America / South Asia ...

System limits:
URL's which send "Set-Cookies" cannot be cached. Normal ... If you put "Set-Cookies" on index.html
all requests on index.html will be slow. It's better to make a (small) URL beside "Set-Cookies" and call it as an image for the page "index.html" (and any others).

All the best