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09-23-2010, 03:18 PM

This is not really an advertisment rather some more information
for those who are interested in us and follow
OVH and our methods which are used to manage our growth.
In 1999, I was alone in OVH, in 2010 we will exceed 300
people. And OVH must grow to thrive as a result in order to
ensure quality of service.

The aim is to improve internal monitoring but also to improve
communication, we are currently strengthening
our teams with an "Interteam" of around 5 people.
We havent found a better organisation of
people in groups of 2 to 9. As a con, given the number of
projects in production, development and discussion
we need people to improve the quality
information internally.

What is the problem that needs fixing?

The problem we wish to solve is one you live with
everyday on http://travaux.ovh.com. There are tasks
of work. Almost every day of the week. "As an OVH client,
should I be concerned by this task? and this one? I
do not know. I need a better understanding of what it is
and whether I should be concerned. And yet ...". This
is exactly the same in-house problem, where there is lots of information
that goes in every direction but its difficult to know
who the information belongs to. In the end, it takes time
and Analysis which is necessary to sort it all.

And so instead of a communication "hub" we wish
to pass communication through a "switch". Ie avoid
an overload of important information for everyone. But
instead inform individuals only. This is
at the very least everything which will prove very complex ...

If successful with this internal passage, we can move towards
500 and/or 1000 people (if you continue to order our services
...), but also help improve the communication tools
needed by you. Instead of "broadcasting" information
work or on the mailing list, you'd find it easier if it was
sent only if it is related to yourself. Thus, not
disturbing you if it does not concern you.

There. This was not too important a message ... but if you
have experienced this problem, can you give any new ideas.