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RPS with 10Mbps
10-05-2010, 01:40 PM
We have conducted the test of 10Mbps RPS. It is inconclusive. We'll iron all RPS to 100Mbps.

OVH prepares VPS offers static and dynamic ...

09-23-2010, 01:02 PM
We have completed work on the update
the storage infrastructure. Most notably on the network.

We will now begin the tests on the RPS
in production by changing the speed of the switch port
to move from the 100Mbps to 10Mbps. According to some
tests we have conducted, it can increase
the stability of the storage infrastructure. Of course, the
iSCSI for the management of QoS is to send
messages which "flow" on the network (not dropping packages).
These messages can tell the filer or the RPS to
"Stop sending data" or "you can send
data ". If we drop the QoS packets,
since it is storage, it will cause corruption of
data (which is automatically corrected but which
will freeze the RPS for a few seconds). For the time being
we have not found a switch that can manage
the QoS in this way. Storage on the network
is a very recent activity. So we want to try
a trick by forcing the port speed of the switch
to 10Mbps and leaving the switch under the RPS' care
to manage the QoS.

If tests are successful at 10Mbps, we will change
the commercial offer.

Regarding current customers:
- We are currently passing the RPS to 10Mbps,
and tests will take approximately 10 days
- As a result, we will soon have the true results of this
test and we will decide if this change
will improve quality or not
- If yes, we will leave the at RPS 10Mbps. otherwise we
are going to return to 100Mbps

If this change is affecting the uses
of the RPS, because you may need more than 10Mbps of
bandwidth, Please contact support to
find a commercial solution that for your RPS.
We will find a solution.

This will improve the quality of an offer well
liked by a lot of customers, not only in relation to
price, but especially by its aspect-oriented sections
in terms of CPU and RAM. Despite the fact
we planned to stop offering this and it was announced
are receiving more orders every day
that puts us in doubt: maybe the offer should be kept.
Anyway, on our side, we will
find a technical solution (whatever
the solution) to make the offer "not debatable"
In terms of reliability, or we will stop altogether. We will
explore the idea of 10Mbps and the findings in
10 days.