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This is big...

09-08-2010, 10:04 AM
We are happy to welcome you back (well most are back) from your holidays. We hope that everyone is well rested and ready to start a new year's work full of 18 hour days weekends included ...

From our side, we have somethings to share with you and all of this can be summarised with a few announcements. Oh, ...
nothing extraordinary as some of these things you already know (maybe) or are about to discover. We will be able to divulge these in 3-4 weeks time i.e.: at the start of october we will be saying "ah! another announcement! grr !".

As with all (good) menus (and to remind you of your holidays), the chef would give you a taster or an "amuse bouche" and this is made up of 2 photos that you can check out here:


Have a good one

All the best