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Cloud Computing: The family's growing
09-04-2010, 10:08 AM
In the "Cloud Computing" series, OVH offers:

- A miniCloud (mC) is a virtual machine with 128MB - 2GB of RAM, 8GHz CPU and 10GB disk, "on time" promise, available with raw distribution (Debian, Ubuntu ...) or ready to use (Java, RoR ...). It's a stable service and used by a thousands of customers.

- A DevCloud (dC) is a ready to use service , requiring no administration knowledge. You get a powerful manager v5 interface that lets you easily do everything in a few seconds.
- MySQL (beta)
- Urchin (beta)
- VPN / PPTP (beta)

The dC and mC family is growing:
- MC
- Windows (Alpha)
- dC
- WEB LoadBalancer (alpha)
- OpenLdap (alpha)

-> And next week:
- Storage (alpha)
- Exchange (alpha)
- Java (alpha)
- Php (alpha)
- Memcache (alpha)
- Syslog (alpha)

The mC is a virtual machine with 128MB - 2GB of RAM maximum. The cC (coreCloud) arrives in two weeks approx. With cC you get 2GB of RAM or more and the possibility of "high availability" activity on your cC. With the "VMotion" technology from VMware, you can move your virtual machine to another infrastructure without any downtime.

The Cloud Computing is designed to create and manage "high availability" services that are affordable in terms of the price and technical knowledge.

You have two ways to create "high availability"
- Either build a cluster of mC's / cC's and do loadbalancing
- Or use the "VMotion" on a mC / cC

Then adjust the power without downtime, by:
- Increasing or decreasing the number of mC's / cC's in the Cluster
- Either by increasing or decreasing the power of the mC / cC

Finally, the pCC is coming in less then 2 weeks also.
In one click you will be able to order
- A vrack with your own IP
- 1-8 servers preconfigured to your vrack
- Preinstalled ESXi
- With a management interface in vSphere
- Then create the VMs from the vSphere for free or with the VMware licenses that Ovh can provide

We have also been working on storage under Fibre Channel (FC) but especially in the FCoE InfiniBand. The idea is to
stop using the Ethernet and start using the InfiniBand (IB) then do the IPoIB. Why? This will answer the question of performance, availability, functionality and price. These technologies, coupled with Leclerc will be used as cloud storage.

All the best