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The price of support, reseller and dedicated servers

08-13-2010, 09:02 PM
Good evening,

Thank you for your feedback.

The discussion was initiated following internal reflections and various ideas floated. To speed up decision-making, it is usual to discuss with you as openly as possible. Everyone says everything as it comes. So we wanted to have the best feedback on the subject and so we launched a shocking idea and we watched what happens. The advantage of this "emotional" method is that you feel affected very quickly by the issues raised and we tend to say things really interesting on the subject. The disadvantage is that it is very tiring and taking energy (for you and us) and we can ask too many questions about the metaphysical issues that have nothing to do with the original topic. There is no perfect method to talk with about 2000-3000 people on the mailing list and forums in 11 languages. At least then we will move faster.

So what are the results so far?

We have all read and discussed it again internally. And it happens that we did not have answers to the questions that we asked.

What are we looking for?

Forget pricing issues. That is secondary. We want to segment the support and offer support that best suits our 3 types of customers: the sysadmin / resellers, businesses, and individuals. You do not want to have the same type of support. Some of you would have preferred to have a live chat directly with the technicians in the datacentre. Some on the other hand prefer to contact official telephone and hear someone verbally. Still others prefer contact by email but always with the same person. We all react differently to the word "support". And that's where we thought to improve the support: do not propose one support where one speaks the same way as if you're a beginner (I understand nothing that OVH tells me") as a pro or expert ("technically they are null") or via the same type of communication channel (email, number, forum, mailing list, live chat). We would like nuances and this turned our thoughts. Now you know what we want, but if they tell you what we seek, you will not try to find what you're looking so you do not have ideas that we did not since you said the ideas we have ... Euhh ... I do not know if I'm making myself clear ... oh it is not easy ... this guy named Oles yeah yeah and you do not stand me daily orally

And now?

You are feeling a bit tired by all these exchanges that are not moving and so for now we drop these thoughts. We'll see when we get a little better shape and are rich in interesting ideas (we can dream ...). For the moment this is not the case (hey, we did not notice ...). Because support issues are not new, it may take a while (see bahh). Basically, support rotates, it is good for many, but some of you do not find it. Why? Because you are not all reacting the same way to the word "support" ... Euhh ... I am repeating myself here

That's it! We will end the week softly...

Otherwise: We never know if one day someone wakes up with the idea of the century, he is not afraid to send an email ... Euhh ... can not be here now ... maybe we can let it run for a few days? ...

Thanks again!

All the best,