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Strategy for resellers

08-09-2010, 09:38 PM
Good evening,

The idea that we will follow to propose (finally) offers to resellers is relatively simple. We do not offer the existing offers and try to undercut. It makes no sense to us because the margins are already very low and just working on prices meanis no real value added.

We are thinking proposing "new" offers for resellers and work on the volume when ordering and renewal.

If we take dedicated servers, the idea would be, I dunno, create three types of different servers that we offer with a market price of X euro and to offer 10, 20 or 40 pieces / order. Placing an order for this volume would allow us to reduce costs and make, I dunno, -10%, -20%, -30% on order. Then at renewal, taking into account all production servers. It would work /24 (230-240 servers) where we provide 1Gbps of bandwidth guarantee for the /24. No failover IP, no loadbalancing IP.

If we take the telephony, we imagine a SIP account connected to a dedicated infrastructure for resellers, which could pool all costs and then each reseller would have a limitless number of phones that can be connected on the infrastructure. We also imagine only SIP positions and only phones that OVH does not offer on its range. Basically, a different offer from the one that we offer today.

If we take the domain names, we imagine the purchase "operations" for the creation or transfer by 10, 50 or 100 with a price -5%, -10% -15%, then the price of renewal will depend on the number of all domain names in OVH. We remove all that we includes for the domain name i.e. the dns, whois private and let the reseller manage everything.

If we take the shared hosting, we imagine a cluster managed by OVH that we may cut out at will, the site, POP3 or MySQL. We would limit just the CPU/RAM/customer resources with the possibility of adding resources to the card and be quasi-unlimited. We thought about unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Then also offer both standard POP3 account for zimbra or exchange 2010 in upgrade to those that want it.

There it is.

The idea is to make new offers that have nothing to do with what we already offer and then to propose a strategy and a program to generate volume. That is it, you said you want the price? You want an offer that does not exist elsewhere? You want a competitive advantage? Okay, we give you all three, but you must order by 10, 50 or 100, there must be progress in the year +X% and you must commit to OVH for 3 years. Under these conditions there is a very, very privileged relationship, we can build something that gives you real cards in the poker of the internet.

I leave the feedback to you

All the best,