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The devCloud beta then the pCC

08-07-2010, 09:44 AM

The devCloud is in beta. These tests will be completed by late August early September for a release expected in about 1 month. Thanks to all the beta testers for feedback.

More information:

What is a devCloud?

The dC (devCloud) is

- a Cloud solution, i.e. you have a simple web interface to administer your Cloud and all administrative operations are done in real time, including the creation of the Cloud. And so you do not have root access on the server. You do not need server administration knowledge. Everything is simple and instant.

- specialised in a job (the MySQL server, VPN gateways, Urchin engine to view the statistics of a website). Each dC has its own Web interface to administer the service quickly.

- resources are modifiable in seconds, without restarting the service and therefore no break in service. Via the interface, with just a few clicks, your dC has allocated more resources and has more processing power and more bandwidth.

- without commitment to hourly billing. You can archive or delete it whenever you want. You pay only when you use IP resources, CPU and RAM. Not when your dC is archived.

What is the dC for?

OVH offers the "Cloud" options (mC and dC) for developers who need to "tweak" and "tamper" datacentre resources quickly and easily to fit the needs of a project. Using the mC elements and its distributions with the dC, developers start a new project in a few seconds. A draft of a website in PHP, Java, RoR, an SaaS project solution, a project to deliver content, video, sound or files.

Developers can modify at will a project to test different configurations and hardware/software to choose the right solution. Everything is done via a Web interface where one click means instant results.

Development can take several days, weeks or months and then every night all the Cloud can be archived and restarted in the morning allowing them to optimise development costs.

Other dC options be put into production from the end of the month including:

- load balancing, proxy & cache
- web servers
- storage
- backup

mC and dC to the pCC

Once finished developments, you'll be able to switch your mC/dC infrastructure in 1 click to private cloud computing, the pCC. It is hardware infrastructure, with software administered by OVH that is isolated from all other customer infrastructures. Your project is hosted with a service guarantee, the SLA and VIP/GS support. It may still change in 1 click and you can automate a number of different tasks depending on the installation on the infrastructure. Billing is monthly or yearly and adapts to your needs in terms of resources and guarantees for the entire project. You only pay for what you have booked with service warranty.

pCC should be released during the month of September.

All the best,