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chtix abandoned

07-26-2010, 07:18 PM
It has been a little over two years since we launched the project "chtix"
which aimed to provide secure channels for
Smaller operators, IP transit and peering point.

This project started briskly and got a break:
Orange agreed to peer with OVH provided that no
reselling of bandwidth to other operators occurs ... Which
we gladly accepted.

Sadly, we made several mistakes on the project and the
time has come to conclude. Along with these errors we have uncovered
developing theories of marketing which have led to
profound changes in OVH. So there all has not been lost ...

Errors? Working with operators is an emotional and non-functional aspect of our work. We must shake hands and
provide documentation to reassure policymakers all is above board.
Nothing to do with the fact we have tried to establish a functional service, that's accessible and available with 1 click
in 24 hours, for a price which is "not expensive enough" and "not credible" all of a sudden,
especially since we can not take two hours each day
to visit a prospective client anywhere across Europe and sell
one Service for 100Euro that often happens over a 14 or 18 months period...
In brief, bend over backwards as is necessary ...

From the other side, we have invested in equipment that is
really unreliable. But this is not true. After 2 years
20% of the material still remains live ... On the other
hand, the SPLM is beginning to pose serious problems and we will
disable it by replacing it with GRE tunnels. Basically
the network is there for OVH and our customers. This is our primary use for
our network...

But the biggest problem is that this is not a mass market.
We want to create new markets for you (and not just take a share of the
existing market) or simply become a trader, especially in Europe,
this is not the dream of everybody. Often it takes some time.
And in 100% of cases, good ideas are not shared with a
competitor. Then there can be the embarrassment of saying we use
the services of others. This leads to a closed market in which everyone buzzed
trying to show how they are better than the other ...

We believe this type of service must be in the market place at suitable prices
(Or 20x more expensive), with a European sales team,
documented and licensed and with a network dedicated to
all this activity and for some 65,000 customers
potentially throughout the world ...

Service to the "10 or so clients" will be terminated within 30 days.

And we move forward