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Ovh Mag ... received

07-22-2010, 05:50 PM

After the feedback that we read on the mailing list, the No. 1 OVH Mag has been received .. and there was the emotion !

We hope that the wait was worth it and that we do not disappoint ... In any case we do not read anything really negative and it is unclear whether this is because you do not dare that "yeah the guys of Roubaix Valley have worked for 7 months without a break, but then it sucks! " or because it does not interest you and you have not read? Some small quick feedback of 30 seconds would be welcome ... Thanks in advance!

In all 15,000 copies were distributed.

If there is a flash tool which makes reading the OVH Mag enjoyable, we shall propose an "online" version accessible to all but you will have to pay ... no, that's a joke ... free

Soon we will send you an email with a URL for a survey of the first edition so that we can start good work on No. 2 that we would like to go out in November or December. 400 pages per year is a good goal.

All the best,