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06-11-2010, 03:46 PM
It has been approximately 1 year since we launched the GS Project
aka "Global Solution". These services are
"Full managed", ie "turnkey" where
OVH manages everything for the customer.

Since then, a lot of clients have been installed in
the GS with needs as varied as different.
This "personalisation", where each project is
different from another, was delayed during
the formalisation of this service. We wanted
to have a minimum regression of(20 large projects)
to develop something that holds up
both commercially and technically
with each level of daily maintenance.

The sales department is studying the request and
specifications. In general, billing runs to approximately
€150/month to €600/month
with the following server functions:
- Hardware
- The need for monitoring of the server

As it is often the case with complex infrastructure
of this type with dozens of vRack
servers, load balancing, the firewall
24/24 monitoring and various other services accessible by telephone
to our team of engineers who work exclusively
for this service, it leads to bills of
€3-€5K/month. But we also
€150-€200/month to customers for servers totally

This technical service is now in place with the infrastructure,
copy data, installs and services
such as after performance probes
and generating alerts. The emphasis
is as much on the quality of the probes which will allow
for the detection of problems and intervene so
problems are dealt with quickly before the situation
becomes critical.

As a result, the service manages the incidents
with alerts, but also through a
24/24 direct line to the team of engineers who manage all the
maintenance at OVH.

There is no catalog. There is no
Order online. You must call and enter
into an 'emotional' relationship with OVH