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Incident Support and diagnostics 1 of 3

06-11-2010, 12:06 PM
In 2008, we established two supports:
- Commercial & Technical Support
- Incident Support

But we have not changed the service definition that Ovh must give to our customers. The contract prohibits
OVH to intervene on data hosted even if it is to troubleshoot or fix a mistake made by the customer. The role of OVH is that of a technology provider who makes available to its customers, technical means. Legally speaking the job of diagnostic support is to determine the responsibilities incurred by OVH . And so if it is an issue on the part of OVH, then OVH fixes it. If it is a problem on the
customer's side, then the customer fixes it. OVH does not fix problems from the customer's side.

Therefore, to solve some problems, we can only suspend the site or put the server in rescue ... Support is very binary. 0 or 1.
Apart from that, OVH is sometimes "nice" and in a trusting relationship with some known clients we sometimes help these clients more than the contract allows us ...

But that's the contract today. And that's how the service is rendered. It is ideally suited to our
core customers, the net pros, the resellers, sysadmins and the people who use OVH because of our technical capabilities. The famous Level 3, the software that that doesn't work well are not part of the "standard" of services which reach our customers.

Over time, our customers have evolved and they have less and less time to work at this level 3 but also
we have new customers, who are not web pros and don't want to be. It is often they, who say that support is not good. While analysing their applications we quickly came to the conclusion that:
This is not our job. And that's what we will change ...

This will now also be the job for support. The contract will evolve to guide interventions on OVH
customer data and on what Ovh can or cannot do with or without the consent of the customer, when they must contact the customer and what permission must be sought or approved, etc., etc..

So it is therefore the incident support that brings it together ...

The incident support now has two missions:

- If you have a problem with your service and you do not know where to look or what to look for, you create an incident ticket to request a diagnosis on your problem. This diagnosis will be charged €20euro ex VAT. If during the diagnostic OVH has solved the problem, you only pay €20euro ex VAT. If the problem is not fixed, OVH provides you with a diagnostic quote to solve the problem. If you like it, you can accept it and OVH does the job. OVH may also only provide estimates and in this case you do not pay for the diagnostic. If we figure out that we do not have the internal competances to do the job, you of course will not be charged for the diagnostic.

- If you have a problem with the service and you think that is the fault of OVH, you can create an incident in the same way as that of the charged diagnostic. OVH performs the diagnostic and if the problem is really on ths side of Ovh, all is covered by the service guarantee. However, if it is not the fault of OVH, we revert to the diagnostic principle and charge the €20euro ex VAT.


Once the work is done, you have 30 days to pay the diagnostic invoice or estimate. If you do not agree
with the diagnostic or with the work done and / or the proposed fix or diagnostic or estimate, in this case, you pay
nothing and too bad for OVH. But the contract changes: OVH does not provide support anymore for this customer in the future. No commercial. Nor technical. Or incident. The customer has the right to use and renew services but they won't be able to use support or claim the SLA.

This new incident support allows :
- As always, that OVH will solve problems which are the responsibility of OVH
- Perform diagnostics and estimates for problems which are not the responsibility of OVH
- Announce the charges before the start of the diagnostic (€20) and the work (the quotation)
- In the case of quotation acceptance, immediate start (without pay)
- To have a dispute system resolution with a simple resolution of conflicts (too bad for OVH ... plus
amounts outstanding Ovh risk losing the customer ...)

This proposal was discussed 4-5 months ago on the mailing list. It's a balance that seems fair
and we have not had any negative feedback. If this is the case: oles@ovh.net

This plan starts Monday. The diagnostics through June are free (time to set up billing).

All the best