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Support 2010 in 3 days

06-09-2010, 05:58 PM
We kept three ads for this week. They
will involve the support and development we
have a pre-announcement with the code name "support in 2010".

What is this?
I regularly receive emails in private (thank you!)
and I sometimes read your feedback in which some say
that we do not offer good support.

So what is "good" support? This is the heart of
our problem ...

Therefore ...

.... I want support to have the customer at the heart of
its definition. We are thinking about
what needs to change over time and we need our support to evolve
so that it follows the changes needs of our our customers.
We need to be at the cutting edge with our level of support
just like we are at our technical level.

So, before the end of June, we are going to
establish a support "benchmark" that will define what the
Customer expects as a minimum from OVH.
This "standard" will be made public on our
site and you will be able to help develop it, indicating
what Ovh does not do and what we should offer to do. And so you
are going to develop it. In late June, as always ...

Through this "standard" you will be able to note the
service provided by support. Similar to what happens already
but also by looking at all the points you consider important.

Also, we just signed up with an outside firm
which will make evaluations of the service rendered by the support
through monitoring calls (internally recorded mp3's) and
replaying these exchanges with our customers. These are professionals
who advise companies in support management.
Their views will enable us to have a second, independent opinion on the service
we provide to our customers.

Your scores and their scores will be announced and posted
on our website. Every day before noon from the day before.
In near real time ...

Day by day, week by week, month by month,
we wish to have two important things:
- What the customer expects from the support
- An assessment of our service depending on what
the client wants supported

With this information, we believe we can grow support
and come closer to your needs now but also
in the future, day by day and month by month. If tomorrow
you need a new service or level of support,
we will know straight away and can implement it
immediately, without feedback from customers
who are not happy.

Also, this will enable us to respond to those who wish
to see things that we do not propose. This is not what our
customers necessarily ask. We must change the
"Standard" and therefore start the debate and start voting ...

This will be a process of dynamic evolution which we will want to test
with you to see if it will yield good results. Anyway,
these results should help us avoid reading emails
where we are told that the support is not good, so that all
our service level indicators are green ... In short, an
honest feedback continuously with the possibility of
change when required. This will bring a state of mind in which
we wish to make announcements before the end of the week.