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Watch out for it if you can on TV

06-04-2010, 09:42 AM
Our Ovh Mag # 1 is completed and we prepare it for printing.

It took time ... 7-8 months of working on it daily ... probably
because we were never happy with what we did the day before,
but also to adjust the tone of the magazine. We are not a big global
group quoted on the exchange and are therefore not accountable to
anyone or an image to uphold. Our benchmark is the customer who
judges us on the service we offer. And our motivation is to do things
differently and to be innovative.

In this review we have therefore decided to show the internal
workings of all our secrets, our history
as it has been lived, until now, internally by our
teams over the past 10 years. Basically it is an insight into
our community and our inner spirit. The spirit of OVH.

As our business moves forward we wanted to give
you our views on the (r)evolutions we hope to see in 2010.
About the various developments on course now, what
we hope to propose tomorrow on the net and more particularly in
hosting, telephony and Internet access.

In short, with this Ovh Mag, we are hoping to innovate. Communication?
Yes, of course, but a "Ovh exists" and we feel that is
enough. You will not find much on the commercial side.

The original motivation for this is to maintain an Ovh Mag
(For some to create) a relationship with our customers,
emotional contact, something human. In the world
of virtual space in which one lives day by day, we need to take
the opportunity to shake hands or have a drink. And that is something that
is missing. The mailing list is good. The forums also. Yes
but to know people who are with OVH is certainly a much better approach,
no? They are the ones that drive us to develop
new products, troubleshoot your servers or respond to your
emails or phone calls. We therefore wished to put all this
inside this edition of the Ovh Mag. The 250 guys in the OVH family. About us and
what are our values and what motivates us is part of
this edition of the Ovh Mag.

If what I say does not interest you and you just want
to have the standard supplier/customer relationship with OVH, I
would not recommend this Ovh Mag. You will not find anything interesting
and/or you will be disappointed. Because this is not the purpose of this Ovh Mag.

Sadly, the Internet has changed people and showed them
"Something else", we hope you find this "something else"
in this review. This "something else" that we are living in daily,
the passion of the trade, to trade with you everyday,
feedback, it makes us all recharge batteries
several times a day. Maybe a bit like you?

"What has he said?"
Proof: We have decided to promote this free magazine
(And free it will remain) to the TV. Yes to the TV. TF1 and M6, and any
and everything. An ad on TV for a free magazine ... OVH is
crazy ... It starts tonight and will run for a few weeks ... Sure
we have had to respect the current legislation on the prohibition
of advertising for books on major French networks.
We had to do ... "Otherwise" ...

"Why are they not advertising for their services altogether?"
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------
If that is the question you ask, I do not recommend
Ovh the Mag ...