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Feedback on the scans and reflections
06-04-2010, 06:00 AM

This week, we have put protections in place on our network on the ICMP (against Smurf) and TCP / SYN (against synflood). At our level, we see a marked decrease in attacks but there was a decrease of ... scans. Both the SSH on HTTP. It still exists, but -90% see more ...

Do you find also fewer scans ?

In any case, these protections enjoyed by all and are enabled by default for all our customers: shared hosting, the rps, dedicated servers and housing. At the level of TCP and ICMP.

We think you offer a service layer of protection on the UDP but as it depends on what you do with the server can not activate the default for all and in addition you must choose the type of protection. In fact, it protects itself differently if you have a game server, or DNS server or a VPN or an Asterisk server. It is believed to offer protection different in each case. For this service there cons may be paid, just to limit the resources of our many IP routers that we will protect. For example .... €1/month/ip a ridiculous price for the service (your UP sites are not the price).

What do you think ?

All the best,