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Cloud Computing open

06-02-2010, 05:58 PM

This week, we launched Cloud Computing. Since today it is available in all subsidiaries (the end of sites are still in translation, like the videos ... it will be fixed).

To test until after billing for alerts on the limits of number of points that remain in the manager, we need customers who ... have little points and are finally using all their points. Except that at present, with a minimum recharge of 1000 points and a turnover of only 1 point per hour ... we have more than one month before the account is empty ... and again ... This is not quite expensive Cloud ...

In short, you can validate the Cloud Computing contract without research and directly use the points you already have (thanks to the OVH loyalty ...).

This will help to finalise these bits of code that must run smoothly and without any bugs.

Thanks for your tests.

For more information:

All the best,