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Re: Cloud: passing stopped
05-31-2010, 05:44 PM

We are pleased to announce the first step of Cloud Computing at OVH:

miniCloud a.k.a. mC

The offer is simple to use and quick to deploy. A few clicks, and less than 1 minute to start using it. A few more clicks and your Cloud evolves. Why? To fit closer to your actual needs. Why? To avoid an oversizing or undersizing of your facilities with long, complex operations to make it evolve. At the level of cloud, the evolution is fully integrated in "upgrade" as in "downgrade". We can even say that it's almost throwaway ... We start 100 or 1000 Cloud in a few seconds, then we clear 999 Cloud 2 hours later ... no commitment, no setup fees.

You pay a fixed cost for the resources you have booked. No charge for use. The costs are predictable and displayed in the manager from the day, week, month and also on time. You move your infrastructure and you check how much it will cost you per hour. You can change as many times as you want and whenever you want. That's Cloud Computing for us.

The presentation of the offer is an extremely simplistic view. We accept the criticism saying it does not provide "enough" information. This is normal since the goal is not to inundate you with data sheets, but to provide an affordable solution in 3 clicks and 30 seconds. Click click and you hear the engine going up in the towers ... the offer is made emotional thanks to the new 100% ajax manager.

In short, OVH continues to offer all that we offer and we have already started a new page of offers related to Cloud Computing in step with the existing offerings. We can even say we take the risk. Yes. We want to question how to consume the resources of a datacentre. Our Cloud responds to this new way of using resources without constraint and a price ... "crazy" at €0.01 ex. VAT/hour

For us, Cloud Computing is offering a "break" from everything that has been proposed up there.

You be the judge. To adopt ... or not.

More information:

Billing will begin at midnight ... So it is still free ...

All the best,