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After the mC, the dC

05-25-2010, 12:04 PM

This week, we will prod the mC (miniCloud). The finishing touches are progressing well. We were more afraid of not having enough physical servers ... In short, there are products and racks of new servers ...

Meanwhile we have started work on dC (devCloud). This is Cloud without root access using a managed service, EasyWay, easy to start, operate, move or stop. There are plenty of ideas on the dC and we have so far retained the following projects:

- dC MySQL = a Private SQL with all the features we already offer on the attached shared hosting
- dC NFS/SAMBA = choose your drive and the raid to create your dedicated POOL that you can share across full filesystems
- dC Urchin = the dC connects the systems and recovers your logs in real time to provide you with real time statistics
- dC Backup = choose the size of your backup and perform the backups via SSH / RSYNC / FTP (or dC Urchin or dC NFS or dC MySQL)
- dC Mailout = send the mailing list easily through SMTP or the Ouma interface

This is therefore a Cloud application.

Do you have ideas for other dC's ?

All the best,