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The Cloud Computing J X
05-12-2010, 09:02 AM

Work on the Cloud Computing progressing well and we soon launch it. The infrastructure on gamma works well too. We have over 6000 Clouds operating
now what is probably the largest infrastructure Cloud in France (already). And with a limitation 5 Clouds per client. It is a promising start ... And it proves
there is a real demand on the Cloud aka "the intelligent infrastructure."

What remains to be finished before we start the offer? Billing ... yes yes ... it is marginal but crucial ... The adminsys end the current system that will also have the graphs of real-time operation ... the CPU in real time, the RAM usage in real time, the I / O records, disk space and bandwidth. This information is coming to our infrastructure and thus show what you consume Cloud is actually like hardware resources. Not what your Linux or Windows told to consume. So even if your Linux says it consumes 200MB RAM then it does nothing, in reality, as it does nothing, it does not consume RAM on our infrastructure and so that you do is nothing. We think that next week it will be finished. From there we'll definitely fix the billing and Cloud models business, so that it remains ... understandable salable but also maintained over time. Ie we have the ability to continue investment in the Cloud, permanently to provide the quality service you expect.

In parallel, the dev teams advancing on Cloud Manager (which will be the future manager v5) to make proposals and services options that we believe add. Examples management "clusters" or "infrastructure" through the Cloud: 1 click and it creates 5 'Sub' Clouds which are redundant and pre-configured to accommodate 1 project, 1 click and duplicate the Cloud WEB to double capacity, 1 click and add intelligence into the infrastructure to manage the processing capacity based on load infrastructure. And the intelligence Cloud decides to reduce or increase the number of Cloud in the cluster based on the settings ...

I want to.

These are just a few tracks that we will code in the Cloud Computing of OVH. The goal is to provide intelligent infrastructure that adapt the resources available in this objective needs cost reduction but also to reduce maintenance time and propose infrastructure is complex. Less than 1000 customers OVH has one today (clusters with load balancing Auto). Thanks to Cloud hopefully offer solutions intelligent decisions that will take your place and do what
dirty work and complex daily (with the help of our admin / dev). Basically, instead of a dedicated server, you'll certainly start a cluster Cloud. For the same price in value you get added redundancy, high availability and the possibility of increasing the cluster resources in a few seconds to almost infinite.

To vary the power infrastructure, here are some strategies we chose for our offers:
- Vary the number of Cloud in a cluster, like from 5 Cloud , 7 Cloud then 3 then 10 then 2 in the night. Perfect for WEB type infrastructure that can easily parallelized.
- Vary the power of each Cloud, and then go from 1 core to 4 cores then 2 then 3 then 1 in the night. Perfect for infrastructure for databases (SQL).
- Use the Cloud with 48 cores (or more ... why not unlimited) then count the resources actually used by the Cloud perfect for stress tests, etc. events.

We also believe offer a "low quality" to be cheap but bring no guarantee that you can expect from the Cloud at OVH. This offer will be offered here under the name "Cloud Kimsufi"

In summary, our Cloud will therefore offer these three strategies, brands + 2 PCC offers a ie the Private Cloud Computing that will create and manage its own cloud. We already proposed this offer there and we working on simplifying the handling. The PCC is there to have access to an infrastructure OVH hardware as used for the Cloud but without hardware concerns. You manage everything with a Web interface and you can determine how you start on each Cloud hardware switch a Cloud from hardware to another, adding a hardware in your cloud ... and then to resell Cloud, why not
OVH compete or offer what we do not offer. It also a solution for companies that want to outsource their infrastructure Internal and manage all the but with a VPN access (level 2 or / and 3).

I think that our approach is now complete and takes into account all types of needs they may have in Cloud. If you
forgotten in the process ... you know my email:

X varies between 2-3 weeks (approximately).