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Work on our Network

04-30-2010, 09:46 PM
The work has been completed in Frankfurt. Everything went well
except one problem that remains to be settled: the link Frankfurt / Prague
is not rebounding. We think the deal will take a few days (its
quite complex since the optical power is not sufficient).
Waiting for traffic to flow quietly Prague and Vienna
by Amsterdam / Warsaw.

The router in Warsaw has been updated and moved. It
now finds itself located in the "data center" in Poland
which is the 42 floor of the LIM Hotel in Warsaw ... if you
have never seen a miracle, go see it for yourself.
In short, continue to pray ... if a UPS is to be installed in our
bay over the coming days, the berries will not
be corrugated ... surprising ... and with this we are seriously thinking of installing an
air conditioning unit in our bay ... you never know eh ... finally ...

We used to strengthen the connection to Warsaw.
Now we have 2x10G Amsterdam / Warsaw (in Berlin)
2x10G Frankfurt / Warsaw (in Prague). You never know eh ...

If you have no fear:


04-27-2010, 11:04 PM
Over the two nights that followed, from Wednesday to Thursday and Thursday
to Friday, we will perform two major pieces of work on the network:
1st in Frankfurt and 2nd in Warsaw.

At Frankfurt, we will switch all the links of the router
Fra-1-6k on fra-5-6k.

The goal is to simplify the network design by removing a router
is not very useful and put everything all together on a single router
as is in Amsterdam and London. Thus the POP Ancotel also will be ready
to be upgraded to the new routers that we will order
in September which should arrive around October / November.
Dice said that Cisco will release the maps 10G of which
the Nexus 7000 interest us:

For now we need the maps which do not exist yet ... and
we are hoping that there will be no delay ...

With the arrival of N7 at OVH, we will also upgrade the 3 POP electrically
since this little router is able to consume ... 12kVA power
electric ... okay ... 512 10G ports ... 5Tbps either with physical interconnection
... 5Tbps 3 POP + Paris would have to upgrade that also
.... it'll be fun! ... by the end of 2010 we will have a network ... nice ...
and easy to upgrade to 20Tbps ... Briefly, a scalable network until 2015.

Thursday morning, when Frankfurt is finished, we take the plane and go to Warsaw
to change the bay floor to LIM to upgrade the router var-1-6k to
a larger frame. So we will be able to secure 10G interconnect
and a better connection to Warsaw. In fact, we had 3-4 large
cuts in 2009 on Amsterdam / Warsaw (in Berlin) and we decided
strengthen the POP Warsaw with a 2x10G Frankfurt / Warsaw (in

Well, the response to Warsaw, we are not sure yet. The new chassis
Router-1 var-6k was sent there ... 2 weeks ago and now it
is in ... Ukraine ... the volcano ruined air transport and makes things a
little ... Disorganised ... Normally the chassis will arrive tomorrow
LIM and be approved by our teams there. W8.

At the same time we start the new T-10G system. At Madrid
10G will be up from today. Tomorrow we will have the new 10G
Frankfurt. 1x10G with TPSA also installed in Paris and tomorrow
we start the new port 10G in Frankfurt. In parallel, for Telecom
Italia we must deliver 10G in Milano but it will take a few
more days. The POP in Bordeaux will be starting up shortly. Upgrades
Paris / Madrid are under way 4x10G and even Frankfurt / Milan ...

Basically, we will not stop any time till the network is finished and it will
continue like that for 6-8 weeks. These huge investments
will ensure quality of service in 2010-2015 with our network in Europe.

So much for that week. Just to know a little of whats going on ...