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Claude Computing gamma test
04-22-2010, 07:32 PM

It is the last time that I give you Claude

- Is it that Claude is with us ?
- yyeessssssss ...
- I have heard nothing !
- Are you all ready to Claude ?
- YYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- okaaaaaaaaay !

... principle of gamma test ...

We move into the "Gamma" phase of the OVH Cloud Computing project. We have set three goals:

1.) It must validate the proper functioning of the manager (web interface) which is in the "emotional" Cloud version. The emotional means nothing and says everything ... say that we have emotions when we watch a movie, when the images come to us at high speed ... it's a bit like what we are trying to create with the manager v5 ... one click and transactions are immediate ... click it again and ping ... things are done without waiting ...

2.) At the same time we want to test the VM type 4 cores at 2.0GHz with 2GB of DDR3 RAM (16GB futures) and 5GB of disk (1TB eventually) connected to the network in 1Gbps. It is likely that this configuration that there is a minimum configuration that OVH offers ... €0.01 per hour ... yes yes, €0.01 per hour .... + the use of resources that we make available to you every hour ... with graphs and information coming into the manager in real time ...

3.) Something else that we must validate in the "gamma" test ... billing (which will remain "virtual" in the gamma test ...)

... Let's roll ...

If you have a billing service at OVH, you can participate in the "gamma" tests. You can create up to 5 VM in 3 different datacentres: RBX1, RBX2 and RBX3. The "gamma" test is always free. It will last between two and three weeks. This time is to fix all the bugs and manage growth in the number of servers as they should or should not occur each day ...

At the time of writing this email, we are still deploying the hardware infrastructure for setting up the "gamma" test. This will take a few hours. Bugs are still possible. Basically, we currently have 2500 VM running in "beta" test and we are prepared for 6000 with the VM (!!!) for gamma with physical servers, the vRacks, the /24 routing etc etc ... . In short, it requires some organisation that is being refined ... for gamma and PROD ... it will take all night again ...

More information:

The manager (will become stable tomorrow morning):

Do not hestitate to contact us with feedback on

All the best,