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Telephony solutions
04-20-2010, 06:44 PM
We are a commercially testing 5 solutions for
telephony. We will offer "packages" for
specific needs, ready to use "P & P" and upgrades in
the number of connections or number of online simultaneous connections for
the solution with regards to the needs in question.

We also tested the model on these solutions:
there is no deposit ... 0 Euro ... if your commitment
is for 12 months with €9.99 setup fee
and a fair price every month based on your needs. Basically
it will be between 2 to 3 times cheaper than the market.

We've integrated between 1hrs and 10hrs of calls to mobiles
with every offer ... which further increases the value added
of these solutions.

In short, the bomb ... on paper ... hence the test ... because
our telephony offerings will sell well and so we
want nothing less challenging to find better

Is it better?

In detail:

Please feel free to give us your feedback ...