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Telephony 1 year on... Its now official...

03-13-2010, 04:44 PM
It's been over 12 months since Ovh has started marketing our offers
for telephony. It took over 18 months of R & D,
alphas then betas and gammas for testing out the offer
in February 2009.

Since then, we have sent out more than 7000 phones
of which slightly less than 6000 which are permanently connected. We
have more than 50000 numbers, which is more than 3000 numbers
which have been brought to OVH successfully. We have more than
30000 ecofaxs Operating, receiving at least
1 fax every month. The interconnection of the operator with OVH
in France (FT) will be the equivalent of 1 x STM-1
by the end of the year. Well, this is not the biggest network
the world, but Ovh passes about 100,000 calls daily

For over 6 months, OVH offers SMS at a rate
unique throughout the world. Frankly, we do not believe
that the service would be so popular(which is why we never
developed it) but the service is widely used by our
customers. It was positioned in high-end service
with all the options and we were genuinely and pleasantly
surprised. Apparently there was a need and what we
proposed should address these needs. Good!

This year we will complete the interconnection with
other incumbents in Europe: DTAG DE, BT
in UK, Telefonica and Belgacom ES BE. With this, we
will have national numbers in these countries and
provide equivalent services in these countries. All this
will arrive before the month of September (yes it's very slow).
Other incumbents are in progress, mainly
in sync with our affiliates, but LU and CH.
No date yet. It's also very slow.

We are working on premium rate numbers, new phones,
offers for rental of telephones, tele offers
presence with FullHD screen to the meetings
from a distance as if they were in the same office ... it evolves
our rate service and is complete.

To develop these services, we are following 2 lines:
- Customer feedback
- Our own needs.
Our own internal needs and our own experiences
with a management company, drives us to find solutions
to provide our teams and ... out projects
for you ... OVH is a company of some 300 people
in 14 countries between Portugal and Finland ... and
problems that we have internally, requires us to
challenge ourselves and find solutions that do not yet exist
on the market. Otherwise we would have already bought x, y and z ...

But mostly we like listening to feedback from our customers
because it is very helpful. Especially when it causes a stir.
The emotion can better resents the context and allows us
to imagine a solution, not only technical,
which takes into account the client's environment, what
comes before or after using the service etc.. In short,
propose a comprehensive solution with full value.
Not having to configure the phone you receive is a
great time-saver. Whatever you get, is already
configured, all needs to be done is to connect and it works.

Anyway ...

With all this to say, OVH will formally announce that we
hope to have some SDSL offers on the market very soon. We
will try to complete the deals for telephones to
access to the Internet and we will propose interesting offers
in terms of service and price. To succeed in this we need
new challenges which OVH will start, we will attack it on
2 fronts:
- OVH will start an R & D in Lille from
May / June for a few months. Why R & D? We
are finishing the un grouping of a 20th NRA in the corner
the purpose of which is ... see what he can do ...
for the NRA. We have some ideas, we have tested in the lab
and now we need an alpha. Then if it works there
will be a beta and if that works ... already some inquiries
should it work we will find the listings for the
Beta testers ... we have many needs! Thank you in advance!
- In parallel to submit a bid on any territory
in France where we hope to be allowed the rights to the resale of traditional SDSL
only 2 / 4 or 8Mbps at an attractive price for
companies. To do this we will press
Our network in France which passes through Lille, Paris, Lyon
Marseille and Bordeaux (in progress) and a mixture between
the offers from FT, SFR and Completel. Besides the price, nothing
to innovational can be predicted at this level.

New hires are expected to strengthen our teams
in sysadmin, dev and support.

Ovh does not tender for the general public. Our
market is that "business has needs on the Net"
and propose the "cross selling" i.e the principle of
a one stop shop for all services, 1 contact for
all problems and simplifying management
liability (if it does not work you know it is not the fault
of OVH).

There you go.

That was long. Sorry ...