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Coming Soon -> 2 000 000 names and an overhaul of the manager
02-22-2010, 06:20 PM
Ovh is approaching 2,000,000 domain names under management for our
customers. To ensure this is more appropriate we
hope parties will review the domain name and shared hosting
in the manager. What we want is offer you the same type of manager as telephony. That is simple, fast and more "logical".

In parallel, we are currently reviewing all
"manual" procedures to make them more simple and quick. This is a big challenge but in the end will save you time (and us too).

Or course, we would really like to get feedback on these ideas, but don't forget to include in the manager
any blockers and points which absolutely must be fixed "otherwise the new manager is of no use",
then add some more features, such as identifying any "technical"
or "billing" necessities, such as groupings and 'sorting'
services by "name" (your choice).

Sometimes we forget the good ideas? (I am fearless!).