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The Support is not enough
02-21-2010, 12:26 PM

In support, in the last 2 weeks, we have implemented a button that allows notification to the problem administrator on the response time or quality of response support.

Result: we do not havemuch warning. Up to a dozen on a big day of on thousands of emails answered. One would think that the OVH support is excellent. Just to emphasize: I do not believe that for one second. The OVH support is by definition (just like email) not good, slow. It's like that. We know. But I am very grateful to you to click on the "alert" in the manager when this support is just wrong. This will allow us to fix your problem, but also see what kind of problems happen more often, then find a solution to this problem. Here you do not click. This is not normal. So I do a little advertising for this "alert" button. Click.

Ovh enters the phase of production "support 2010" where we will change the contract to extend the hours of support, add 24/7 support intervention, offer software support 24/7 with the introduction of probes in your projects to initiate interventions at OVH etc. etc.. So we need feedback and notes to find out where to put the effort in terms of speed of response or improve the quality of response.

We will also leave the graphs with the response time to each message and notes that you make. It will mean the latest answers on these graphs and these will be public. That way everything is sharp and clear.

Its your moan now. In the support

Thanks in advance !

All the best,