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Re: Network 2010: release 2
03-18-2010, 02:44 PM
The work of the "intellectuals" is progressing and will finish
next week. Basically, they will eventually reflect,
discuss and sign contracts. Emotional Relationships
take time, very tiring but necessary
to lead such projects. We suffer here. Alot.

Well ... this is for the emotional side "to OVH"

Some pieces of the project have advanced since the last announcement:
- Security for the London / Amsterdam and Paris / Frankfurt have
been validated. The technical challenge is very important:
London / Amsterdam we created a network which is very short
just 350km in almost a straight line. And so it goes
in a borehole below the Canal de la Mancha for almost 220km
without regenerating the signal! The advantage is that the network
will be very fast, 4ms between London and Frankfurt. After that Paris / Frankfurt We have 10 POP regeneration
of the signal and it was necessary to validate the project by
Team USA Infinera as those in Europe we have are
not validated parameters (too many POP generation,
signal will have too much noise, which it cannot, but ultimately it
will be possible, it would be a shame not to...).
- In London / Amsterdam / Frankfurt we are prepared for 3 rooms
20m2 for new routing equipment ... you
have to understand that it is likely that the CRS-3 arrived
at OVH after 3 POPs. Indeed, OVH has a
sharp increase in traffic on the 3 POPs while
the POPs are stable in Paris. Today Frankfurt is
already about 80% of traffic that OVH has 'evacuated' to Paris ... And London
Frankfurt + Amsterdam + x 2 = Paris ... our traffic is
as our network: European.
- So we will stop all other POPs in these 3 capitals
to concentrate on any 1 location by city. At the
Global Switch London and Amsterdam and on Ancotel
Frankfurt. Everything is still under negotiation for
issues of functionality, timing and routing prices,
but ...
- ... the network 2010 should be set up in late May / early
June with a goal of 1Tbps interconnection between OVH
and Internet to the end of the year and the ability to mount
easily and get quickly to 20Tbps ... short,
building a mega network to host ... bah ... at least every
WWW sites of Roubaix Valley ... More seriously it
prepares for Cloud Computing, and all the changes of use
that this will bring. That is a reliable network and
capacity is needed to ensure quality
this kind of service.
- Some NIP (the private peering) will be upgraded:
- Orange AS3215 Paris on passing from 2x10G to 4x10G of 2
sites for more security, continued for the NEGOTIATIONS
10G peering in the region, namely in Lyon, Bordeaux and Lille
at our level is not yet ready, it will happen
late July with the links that come to
loop Paris / Bordeaux / Marseille / Lyon / Paris ...
- SFR AS15557 Paris on passing from 1x10G to 2x10G, we keep
the 1x10G in Lyon and we will look for Bordeaux
- Bouygues AS5410 in Paris is going to 1x10G of 2x1G, traffic
doubled in the last 6 months
- AS6830 UPC in Zurich and Vienna is to pass 1x1G and 2x1G
we will stay on 1x10G in Warsaw to discuss the PNI
in Germany.

In short, Europe is done.

And what if it was a USA network? That's true! We must
predict the future and new subsidiaries in 2011 ...
Well, let's network in the U.S. ... And here we go.

02-19-2010, 07:12 AM

As already announced, we will strengthen our network in Madrid with a 1x10G transit in DTAG allowing us to sell traffic to Telefonica locally. A 2nd POP will be created (probably Interxion) and we'll add 1x10G at Opentransit, enabling us to secure the flow of traffic to Telefonica and also locally. 1x10G at Telia will also be added in Madrid to sell to local traffic Ono

With so much local traffic, we are currently increasing our network capacity between Paris / Madrid with the creation of POPs in Bordeaux and secured via Marseilles. We think that next week everything will be negotiated.

Regarding the TPSA, we are working with them on the establishment of 2x10G in Warsaw, but this project will take more time. Meanwhile we will strengthen our ability to TPSA in Frankfurt with a 2nd 10G. Later we will leave these 2x10G in Frankfurt for security. Meanwhile 1x10G security will be established in Paris.

To improve our quality to the Northern Countries (SE, FI, NO, DK, RU, LT, etc.) we will add 1x10G Telia transit in Amsterdam with 1x10G security in Paris. This will enable us to secure more from Paris.

In summary, we are advancing.

With the strengthening of our network in Madrid, we are looking to create a datacenter in Madrid. The goal is to be closer to our ES customers and deliver traffic completely. We have the same thoughts with Strasbourg and Kehl. Indeed, we will deploy Paris / Frankfurt own with 100Gbps of capacity and it will be stupid not to take the opportunity to create a small data center close to our DE and IT customers but also closer to our CZ, AT and PL customers. Then it's totally Cloud Computing ...

All the best,