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Re: 2010 network: release 2
02-09-2010, 09:36 PM
> The discussions are moving quickly, there is so little time and so many things
> to validate and we know what we want. For example, between yesterday evening
> and noon (!) We completed the upgrade of DTAG to 3x10G
> 6x10G with 2 x10G Frankfurt to 1 x10G Madrid. Further negotiations
> Are underway which we hope will lead to increased capacity
> About 200Gbps. We are also looking to increase capacity

We will increase our ability to connect to Telecom Italia
1x10G to Paris, 1x10G to Frankfurt and1x10G to Milan, or, 3x10Gbps
to start. For now, the traffic passes through one of our
transit providers, with the varying ups and downs. However,
direct peering will allow us to provide excellent
connection quality to a large section of IT 'visitors'. But mainly to ensure
the guaranteed bandwidth, since we now have contact
with NOC at the front and in case any problems should arise, we can discuss the problem.
At the same time, we will increase our bandwidth capacity
in Milan with 2x10Gbps. It looks as if we can even increase the
links in Paris/Frankfurt or Frankfurt/Milan. Each site is located as strategically
as the other.

The overall goal is to sell the traffic to Telecom Italia directly
in Milan (and therefore carry the packets on our network to aid our
quality of service) and have backups on 2 sites "just in case" ...

In short, this is advancing.