OVH Community, your new community space. just 7.71W/TB
02-04-2010, 11:42 AM
A new type of server is born:

It is a species of server with the root and many distributions.
This species offers lots of TB of storage
This species will consume little energy

7.71 W / TB
(inclusive of data center)

That's less than a low-energy bulb / TB

OVH offers 3 kimfs:

FS-4T with 4TB of disks for 49.99Euro Ex. vat / month
FS-10T with 10TB of disk for 149.99Euro Ex. vat / month
FS-24T with 24TB of disk for 399.99Euro Ex. vat / month

This will be the first series of dedicated servers at
OVH. The specialisation we are using here is the storage,
backup and a longer duration of archives. The choice of component
was done in accordance with the specifications.

Very quickly, you'll be able to choose the location
Your kimFS among the 4 data centers has run by OVH
and reduce the risk of data loss in case a
plane crashes onto one of our datacentres....It could happen.

I invite you to visit the official website and read
"The concept kimFS" which will explain everything behind the motivation
that led to this offer.