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Great day: Webmail update

02-04-2010, 11:08 AM

A great day has arrived. We estimate that the new version of webmail is stable and therefore we will update the OVH webmail to the new version. This will involve the re-installation of each webmail server with the new platform and therefore, as there are hundreds of servers that run parallel to the webmail, this will take dozens of hours. We start the operations now and should finish around 2-4am ...

It is not a failure to provide.. Simply these days, more and more webmail servers will be on the new platform and you will have a greater chance of being put on the new webmail.

When it happens do not be surprised
It is normal.

You also have a chance to return to the old webmail if you ever need to fall back on the old webmail (if you do not use webmail for 1 hour).

We chose to perform this update during the day, because there is no real risk, but mostly it allows for feedback and in case of a bug that we have not seen, a quick fix.

Based on feedback from those who have tested, the new webmail is faster than the free email services that you can find on the Internet. If it's true, then we are on track ... the next step (next week) will be to develop an SMTP/POP3/IMAP(+s) server ... then we attack the anti-spam.

That is it for the big update ...

If you want to see what will be the OVH webmail at 2-4am:

All the best,